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OutKast - Stankonia

OutKast - Stankonia

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On their fourth release, Stankonia, No. 1 stunners Dre and Big Boi have expanded their eclectic repertoire with an edgy and oftentimes humorous collage of songs heavy on frenzied electric guitar and scattered synthesizer effects. A few of the most flavorful tracks, such as the gospel choir- and electro-funk driven first single "B.O.B." and the neck-snapping "Gasoline Dreams," are propelled by rallying hooks and pumping bass lines. Meanwhile, songs such as the tranquil "Slum Beautiful," which features trance-inducing guitar loops and Al Green-esque vocals are no less breathtaking. Whether OutKast are rhyming over percussive Casio-keyboards and scratch-layered beats on the extraordinary "Humble Jumble," which features the primal screams of Erykah Badu or inspiring side-splitting laughter with "Miss Jackson," an ode to your baby's mama's momma, Stankonia takes us on a fantastic voyage. - Abby Addis

Track List

Side A

  1. Intro
  2. Gasoline Dreams
  3. I'm Cool(Interlude)
  4. So Fresh, So Clean
  5. Ms. Jackson
  6. Snappin' & Trappin
  7. D.F. (Interlude)

Side B

  1. Spaghetti Junction
  2. Kim & Cookie (Interlude)
  3. I'll Call Before I Come
  4. B.O.B.
  5. Xplosion
  6. Good Hair (Interlude)

Side C

  1. We Luv Deez Hoez
  2. Humble Mumble
  3. Drinkin Again (Interlude)
  4. ?
  5. Red Velvet
  6. Cruisin In The ATL (Interlude)

Side D

  1. Gangsta Sh*t
  2. Toilet Tisha
  3. Slum Beautiful
  4. Pre-Nump (Interlude)
  5. Stankonia (Stanklove)
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