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Jalen Ngonda - Come Around And Love Me

Jalen Ngonda - Come Around And Love Me

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Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing Jalen perform live knows that he is one of the most captivating performers on today's soul scene. His full length debut on Daptone Records is equal parts raw feeling and elegance and exudes confidence and charm. Recorded at Hive Mind Studios in Brooklyn, NY, with the help of producer/arrangers Mike Buckley and Vincent Chiarito (both members of Charles Bradley's Extraordinaires) and crack team of a-list musicians, his upcoming album blends heavy arrangements and introspective lyrics with sophistication, leaving the listener in a blissful wash of wonderment. Now with a massively successful US tour opening for sweet soul darlings Thee Sacred Souls behind him, 2023 is sure to be a promising year for Daptone's newest signee. On black vinyl.

Track List

1 Come Around and Love Me
2 If You Don't Want My Love
3 Lost
4 That's All I Wanted from You
5 Please Show Me
6 Just Like You Used to
7 What a Difference She Made
8 Give Me Another Day
9 So Glad I Found You
10 It Takes a Fool
11 Rapture

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